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Kendall Howard 12U Side Mount Wall Rack

12U Side Mount Wall Rack
12U Side Mount Wall Rack12U Side Mount Wall Rack
12U Side Mount Wall Rack
Item #:1915-3-200-12
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Product Description

This innovative rack allows you mount server and other equipment on the wall and access everything from the side. In the past mounting servers and power equipment on the wall was difficult because you could not access the back of the cabinet to make connections, to service the equipment you had to remove everything from the rack. With this convenient side load rack you can install your severs and UPS on the wall, and have easy access to everything.

The maximum mounting depth is 20 inches and the Unique open air flow design of this wall mount rack is exactly what you are looking for. The front of the racks is only 21 inches off the wall.

  • Weight Capacity is 350 pounds
  • Max Mounting Depth is 20 inches
  • Universal Cage Nut style Rails
  • Kendall Howard Side Racks are made in the USA and have a lifetime warranty

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