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Free up space on cluttered powerstrips with Power Strip Liberators

Power Strip Liberators
Save space while increasing your power with the Power Strip Liberator! Get the most efficient use of your power strips and UPS outlets with this high quality adapter cable. Just plug the cable between your power adaptors and your previously unusable outlets. Have a power cord that just won't reach the outlet? No problem! Just use the Power Strip Liberator as an extension cord, and forget about those long, tangled extension cords. Great for use with entertainment centers, desks, furniture and more.

Double up the number of power adapters you can connect to one power outlet with the Y-splitter Power Strip Liberator. Why add expensive additional outlets or bulky looking power strips to your configuration when low current draw power adapters can easily be doubled-up and connected to one power outlet with this "Y" splitter. Makes a perfect addition to a tech bag or tool bag.

Makes every outlet useable in your power strip, even for bulky adapters. Y-splitter allows for doubling of the adapters into the outlets. Flat liberator is great for accessing outlets in tight spaces. Available in lengths of 14", 18", and 30"18 gauge wire.

Great for racks, dorm rooms, home theaters, offices, travel bags, and tool boxes