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NB2 Bluetooth Number Pad, White or Black

NB2 Bluetooth Number Pad
NB2 Bluetooth Number Pad
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Product Description

NB2 Bluetooth Number Pad

You can count on me! Penclic Numpad is for those of us who can't live without the numerical function. It is perfect to use with your laptop or connected to your Penclic Mini Keyboard. Penclic Numpad comes in two different versions, Penclic Numpad N2 and Penclic Numpad NB2.

Ergonomics in focus Penclic Numpad combines modern Scandinavian design, ergonomics and functionality without compromising on comfort. With Penclic Numpad get a healthy working position for your hand and wrist. Having the numeric portion separated from the keyboard allows you to vary the position of your hand during work, and thus reduce the risk of problems that may occur from a static working position. Penclic Numpad, just like the Penclic Mini Keyboard, is only 5 mm high, reducing the effort of the wrist working on a higher keyboard. Quiet-touch keys are full-sized and comfortable, they minimize noise and require only a light touch, allowing you to work in a relaxed and efficient manner. Penclic Numpad is designed in a matte shade that reduces reflections of light and is better from a visual ergonomics perspective.

"The ultimate separate numeric part, perfect to use when I work on my laptop and need to type in numbers often. It's faster and more convenient than when I use the keyboard numbered segment at the top"