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Guardian Alert 911: Your Guardian When You're Alone

Living alone can be a great option for some people for many reasons, but one of those is undoubtedly the feeling of freedom. So many enjoy the independence of living alone, but that freedom can be compromised instantly. You have to be more careful when you live alone, especially if you're not as young as you used to be or have difficulty doing certain activities. You need to be prepared. You need to have an extra safe guard. You need Guardian Alert 911.

Designed to be a companion to those who live alone, the Guardian Alert 911 system is an essential for anyone who wants to feel safe and secure in his or her home but doesn't want to feel like that independence is being compromised. This unique system is the world's only wearable emergency phone, which makes it an ideal fit for anyone that may have trouble getting around the house or just wants to have help within reach.

If you fall, have an accident, or feel in danger, simply push the button on the Guardian Alert 911 device and you'll be directed to a 911 operator. It's that simple. There's no complicated buttons, it works like any other standard cordless phone, and there's never any associated monitoring, service, or contract fees really. This device is a one time purchase that can change the way you feel about living alone. With Guardian Alert 911 at your side, you'll feel safer and more secure.

Able to be operated anywhere in or around your home, the system is absolutely essential for when you live alone. Should you fall, think someone is trying to enter your home, or just need assistance, this device could make all the difference. So prepare yourself and take caution. The Guardian Alert 911 system will be ready and standing by whenever you need it.