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HDMI to DVI-D Cables, & DVI-I

HDMI to DVI-D Cables, & DVI-I
This quality HDMI cable provides audio/video interface and connects your DVI devices to HDMI devices.240HZ is refresh rate of LCD( The refresh rate is the number of times a display's image is repainted or refreshed per second). Our HDMI cables are standard HDMI 1.3b Cable. It works well under refresh rate of 60Hz, 120Hz, or 240HZ.All our HDMI cables are purchased from manufacturers that are CERTIFIED by All our HDMI, HDMI-DVI, and DVI-DVI cables are fully HDCP compliant .HDCP stands for High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection, a copy protection scheme to eliminate the possibility of intercepting digital data midstream between the source to the display. The format designed by Intel and licensed by Digital Content Protection, LLC using an authentication and key exchange procedure before video and audio is presented. Products compatible with the HDCP scheme such as DVD players, satellite and cable HDTV set-top-boxes, as well as few entertainment PCs requires a secure connection to a compliant display, the process often described as the handshake. Due to the increase in manufacturers employing HDCP in their equipment, it is highly recommended that any HDTV you purchase is compatible. Although most video devices support high-definition video over component output, analog connections are scheduled to phase out in the future or possibly forced to limited resolutions output.