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A Color Handheld Video Monitor Keeps You Connected

If you're like most parents, chances are that you want to be in multiple places at one and we know that just can't happen. However, that doesn't mean that you're powerless when it comes to keeping an eye on you children or babysitter when you're out or have other things to do. In fact, you can monitor exactly what goes on in your home when you're leaving for work, are working in the backyard, are cleaning upstairs, or are even leaving for vacation. By using a Color Handheld Video Monitor to keep track of your property, you're taking the first step towards actually being in two places at once and even though you aren't this is definitely the next best thing. Get your monitor today at

This light weight, portable, and incredibly easy to install security device may be just the thing you've been looking for to keep a closer eye on what goes on in your home while you're away from the action. Featuring built-in infrared capabilities for night time surveillance, adjustable audio sensitivity for voice activated video recording, a high quality camera, a 300 foot transmission distance, and a crystal clear 15 inch display, this Color Handheld Video Monitor is more than just a way for you to stay connected to what goes on in your home. Feel free to use it to monitor things while you're in another room or just sitting out in the driveway before leaving on your outing. It's an affordable and incredibly effective device that ensures that you always know what's going on with you family and/or your babysitter.

Protect your home and family by monitoring your home more effectively when you're out of the room by using a color handheld video monitor to conduct surveillance. Whether you use a babysitter or just want to keep an eye on your children while they play, using this device just may be one of the best decisions you ever make. Get your Color Handheld Video Monitor exclusively at