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Cutting, stripping and crimping tool for RJ45 modular plugs

8P/8C Crimp Tool for RJ45 Modular Plugs
8P/8C Crimp Tool for RJ45 Modular Plugs
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Product Description

3-Way modular tool- Cuts, Strips, & Crimps!!

Specifications Type: RJ-45 Modular Crimp Crimps: Keyed or Unkeyed 8P8C

  • Modular Telephone/Networking Plugs


  • Built-in wire cutter/stripper for stranded wire
  • Steel frame- Black oxide finish
  • Light-weight
  • Durable

    Dimensions: 7-1/2inches

    Cutting: Cut a modular cable to the desired length. Make sure that all the ends of the cable are cut equally long.

    Stripping: Insert the cable through the stripper blades until it touches the stop point behind the blades at the other side of the tool Squeeze the handles and pull the tool. If done correctly the outer insulation of the cable will be removed without damaging the insulation of the inner conductors.

    Crimping: Insert a modular plug in the modular plug holder of the tool until the front of the plug is exactly against the stop point behind the holder at the other side of the tool and gold contacts face the crimping device. Insert the prepared cable into the plug, the inner conductors of the cable should be placed firmly against the top of the modular plug conductor and should be located exactly under the gold contacts of the plug. Complete the work by squeezing the handles firmly to set the contacts and secure the cable.

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