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Replacement power cord for PCs, monitors, printers, and lab equipment; specifically crafted for the tough hospital environment!

10ft 18 AWG Hospital Grade Power Cord (NEMA 5-15P to ROJ 125V) - Black
10ft 18 AWG Hospital Grade Power Cord (NEMA 5-15P to ROJ 125V) - Black
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Product Description

Power cords used in hospitals and other medical settings must conform to strict standards for grounding reliability, assembly integrity, strength and durability, as well as regulatory standards such as NEMA and IEC specifications. These standards are in place to ensure that power cords are safe and reliable for use in demanding hospital environments. The hospital grade power cord selection from Cables To Go offers one of the broadest selections available on the market.From our vast selection, you'll find the right solution for replacing an overused or misplaced power cord, or to optimize office or lab layout with a cable that is the perfect length needed.The ROJ end is directly wired into the device while the male hospital grade 5-15P connector plugs into a hospital grade supply outlet. The black connectors match almost any environment or hospital standard. Performance is guaranteed through a lifetime warranty so performance is never an issue. Easily recognizable with the Green Dot mark, this hospital grade power cord ensures compliance and delivers maximum performance.Please Note: The wiring of this power cord to any device should be performed by certified personnel only.Connector 1: 3-prong flat grounded plug Male (NEMA 5-15P)Connector 2: Unterminated ROJ (Remove Outer Jacket)