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Panduit Vertical Slotted Duct Cable Manager

Panduit  Vertical Slotted Duct Cable Manager
Panduit Vertical Slotted Duct Cable Manager
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Product Description

Panduit NetRunner Vertical Cable Managers provide an economical and professional installation by organizing your cable in telecommunications rooms and data centers Cable management fingers are easy to use and enable easy installation and later maintenance tasks. Bend radius control will prevent cables from getting damaged allowing perfect system performance and reliability.

5" W x 6.5" D x 45U

Enhance air flow, prevents thermal damage to appliances.

Finger openings simplify the routing of cat 6 cables.

Has abundant wide spaced finger openings allowing often over 24 CAT6 patch cords to be routed per space.

Controls bend radius to protect cables from hidden crushes, kinks and snags.

45 RMS

Bend radius fingers align with rack spaces to support cables as they transition to the vertical pathway and simplify cable routing

Pass-through holes maintain cable bend radius, ensuring network performance and reliability

Large finger openings accommodate up to 24 Category 6 cables

Integral cable retainers on the end of each finger to help contain cables within each rack unit

Dual hinged covers can be opened 110° to the left or right to provide complete access to the cables inside the vertical pathway

Snap-on cable retainers can be placed on to fingers to help retain cables in channel during installation and maintenance

Vertical managers include hinged covers, cable retainers, mounting brackets, and #12-24 screws and an instruction sheet

Molded plastic construction provided durability and ease of installation

Black in color

15 LBS.

RoHS Compliant